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director Mimi D'Autremont. Country USA. release year 2017

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Country Australia Liked it 1907 Votes Chris Haywood, Lindy Davies directed by Nadia Tass abstract Malcolm is a movie starring Colin Friels, John Hargreaves, and Lindy Davies. Malcolm is a chronically shy mechanical genius who has just been fired for building his own tram. He gets Frank, who has just been released from jail, to

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Krzysztof Kieslowski 8,2 / 10 Star Duration - 1 H 32 minutes casts - Jerzy Stuhr country - Switzerland

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Synopsis Marianne is a movie starring Thomas Hedengran, Peter Stormare, and Tintin Anderzon. After the death of his beloved wife a man begins to fall apart mentally, having dreadful nightmares and finding his family and career affected. As
tomatometers 5,6 of 10 Star
Country Sweden
Filip Tegstedt

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duration 2 Hours 15Minutes

tomatometer 6,4 of 10

directed by Taylor Hackford

Release Date 2000

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Writed by Lukasz Barczyk
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5,7 / 10 stars
directed by Lukasz Barczyk
actors Marianna Zydek

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  1. cast - Tinnu Anand
  2. writer - Shekhar Ghosh
  3. rating - 5 of 10 stars
  4. audience Score - 161 vote
  5. Genre - Comedy

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Nina Hagen = Punk + Glory is a movie starring Nina Hagen, Nina C. Alice, and Angelyne. NinaHagen was born in East Berlin in 1955, migrated to the West in the mid-70's and became a New Wave Punk rock star in 1978, singing in a
casts Nina Hagen
Rating 6,5 / 10 star
88 Votes
Directed by Peter Sempel

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country - USA
Summary - A collection of oral histories that highlight the impact that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo had on generations of Southern Coloradans
Dustin Hodge
George Autobee

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release year=2011
Writed by=Angel Maynard

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  1. release date=2016
  2. User rating=8,6 of 10 stars
  3. writed by=Sachin Dharekar
  4. 1 hour 59Min
  5. The festival of Dahi Handi isn't just about fun and games; its political complexity is explored in this movie

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rating=5,6 of 10 / War / Creator=Sidney J. Furie / Country=Canada / 613 Vote

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Sandro Aguilar / Summary: Mariphasa is a movie starring António Júlio Duarte, Albano Jerónimo, and Isabel Abreu. Paulo works as a night guard in a building site. He lost his daughter in dramatic circumstances and no regret would ever give him a sense of / João Pedro Bénard, António Júlio Duarte / director: Sandro Aguilar / liked it: 36 vote

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  • Runtime - 114 minute
  • Genre - Drama
  • Peter Eggers
  • 2014
  • Country - Sweden

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synopsis: Kazuo is an angry young man, especially resentful of the power and snootiness of the rich. But at the same time he's obsessed with Saeko, the daughter of a rich businessman

Genres: Drama

year: 1973

Audience Score: 12 votes