One of my mum's favourite songs. Miss you mum xx. No phone no pool no pets Aint got no cigarettes Epic. Road king pinball. 1st off I want to say it's completely disrespectful for them to only put this on hulu 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ We need it on netflix😂. They should do the same exact suspension for logging trucks. Isn't Robert the Bruce a friend of William Wallace. Should be in a fallout game! Suits it perfectly. Were can I buy one. I just heard this song introduced by a friend 2years ago till I like hearing it. nice old song... 2:58 to 3:18  Some nice bobtail mud action. What's a spindle? No. just doing this shit all my life. This is a good demonstration of how to for the everyday man at home. I hate how to vids that show people using high-end pullers and specialty regular guy has that stuff, right? Good job. I would have done only two things differently in this setting:  Prepping better by cleaning all areas around the parts being serviced and, though it seems leaving the tire on the hub helps with aspects of handling et cetera, I'd remove the tire for multiple personal reasons but most importantly the risk of the seal being damaged during reassembly. This video is really a big help for those who may lack confidence related to performing this task. I'd point anyone (who asked me about this maintenance task) at this video. Again, this is good.  For the dude who might wish to criticize my observations, try to understand that I spent years rebuilding industrial refrigeration compressors in both marine and commercial a thing or two about bearings, seals and the importance of cleanliness around highly engineered moving-part surfaces.  Press on.

Stannis Longshanks bouta YEET. Even in 2019, he's still cool. If Braveheart fuelled us towards the Scottish Parliament, Rebel king may seal independence, in a Tory Britain. 0:21 oof IM SRY DONT ATTAC ME. Robert de Bruce the one that betrayed William Wallace. Gotta love it. BORN AND RAISED. IN BANGOR MAINE. Everything about this case is heartbreaking. I dont understand how someone could get such a harsh sentence when the jury knew how badly she was abused. 2019 road king. Road king wheelie.




I've heard of the real story that this is based on. I can't wait to see this. Watch Road king james. Watch road king fl. Bring it. 🙌🏻. I'm so proud of Joey King for not sticking to romcoms and showing the world how good of an actress she is. I would really love to see her express her talent! So proud of her ❤️❤️.

My Aunt Coral was Roger Miller's cousin. Raised in a little Okie town that I havent wondered too far from. I didnt know they were cousins until long after Mr. Miller had died. She died recently as well. RIP Aunt Coral and Roger Miller. Are we not going to talk about Dez being Gypsys boyfriend. Like props to him Edit: 196 likes. Thanks❤️❤️. My hub wouldnt slide onto the spindle at all. I would need to be beat on. I measured to be sure Ihad the right kit. the spindle was just a few thousands too large. I don't knowif itwas old grease/dirt or what. I ended up cleaning spindal with emery cloth. Oh the old race had to be hammered off. Just a heads up for any of you slow brained people like myself.


Mooie fotos van die die hobos. Maz and kraz its a king of military off road. Is it just me or is Thrasher uploading ungraded S-Log2 footage? XD. Anybody know who is on Johnny's t-shirt when he's jumping over that twerker girl on the van? It looks almost like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds haha. Watch Road kingdom united. I wrote a long comment, and it disappeared. Maybe it was a sign. I think Chloe's comment is the best on Elvis. However, I think this is a good movie about how a money worshiping culture exploited and killed its own biggest star at the time. Also, as a senior who was alive then and paying attention, just let me say that nobody who wasn't there in the 1950's should have been in the movie expressing their expert opinion on specific events that took place before they were born. Others will disagree. So be it.

Moon child= 150 points. Watch road king 3. THE MOM GAVE ME LITERAL CHILLS AND IK YALL DIDNT JUST USE DEZ FOR HER BOYFRIEND I MEAN DEZ? DEZ. Netflix is developing their game in movies too. Damn, this looks amazing.

This ain't that kind of movie bruv

Needs to go on Netflix. Watch Road. I came here because of a car commericial. Question: where is the profit for this series going. Decent how to, few minor things I have to harp about #1 grind off the mushroom top on your punch (main reason you wear safety glasses) 2 you did not apply a thin layer of grease to the lip seal #3 the codder pin ears needs to be spread out opposite of each other to prevent it from popping out (uni-directional) 4 smacking around the codder pin with side cutters hitting the threads can be a nightmare for the next guy Other than that it's all good. I myself would not recommend bearing buddies, everyone always over greases them causing high temperatures and premature bearing failure along with blowing the lip seal out on the back. Also if you blindly keep adding grease to the bearings the grease is obviously going somewhere. Take the time and do the steps to properly take care of the trailer bearings, a couple dollars for a blown lip seal and a repack on the bearings are going to pay you back in spades.

This deserves to be watched on the big screen. How is it that I go through comments with all of them being 200+ likes and my comments are only liked by myself lol. Watch road kings.






My first game 2003 year y and now 2019 american truck simulator.

I heard this song when I was a kid

Sweet toys MIKE. Omg I saw the real version. We need Rural King in New England. I want this in Spintires. I hope gypsy was able to have some sort of say in this production. Her story is so sad and hope she will be release soon! The girl has basically been held captive all her life.


The mom definitely deserved that. Jack sung. 😍. <3 you Chris Mccandless. Brain washing! Beware of. The great roger miller.    true American genius. I'm having this weirdly awesome feeling that wonderwoman and king's man are in the same shared universe 😁. Your becoming one of my go to channels for you r stuff. may i ask where that little rig came from? was it another gift for RK. Im really happy thrasher is still gonna do the webisodes for KOTR I can watch it without being even more broke lol. Time,for,new rail system♥️♥️. That moment when you've watched the movie so many times that you know which scenes from the trailer didn't make it into the actual film simply because you don't recognize them, or that Aragorn's speech in this is a different take than the one in the finished product because the inflections are different.

How many other people watched this because they scanned the QR code at the end of Tosh.0? Haha. Among the best in music. Roger Miller. I bet you can't wait to get up in the morning ! 😃 Nice trailer 👌 I'm liking all this new equipment, Keep these videos coming Mike 👍. Omg I saw her story on the news Im definitely watching this. Love roger miller grew up on his music kc.

The amount of ww1 movies coming out is amazing

Alright. I'm aggravated. My step-brother sleeps in the neighboring room. I'm displeased because he just turned really good with ladies. The guy discovered the Master Attraction web page by Jake Ayres (Google it. All he's doing now is banging women. He's continuously getting females back. I hear it, which is disgusting. I wish he never found that site. I'm green with envy.







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