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We deserve the right full movie full. We deserve the right full movie wordpress. THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER Calum Best should have had it all. As the only son of world-famous footballing legend George Best and his first wife Angie, a gorgeous English model, Calum was born into a world of privilege and opportunity. But his father’s fame came at a price, and George’s playing career was soon overshadowed by his playboy lifestyle and an increasing dependence on the comforting embrace of alcohol. Whilst his tumultuous later years could never diminish the memories of the peerless, often breathtaking, quality of his football, they had a profound effect on Calum. Growing up with his mother in California, Calum’s visits to see his father in England were all too rare, and he cherished every moment he could spend in the company of the man he adored. But as George’s alcoholism spiralled out of control, inebriation frequently led to violence and George’s self-destruction spilled over onto his son. Vivid, deeply moving, brave and honest, Second Best is the heart-breaking story of their relationship. It is a powerful tale of love and suffering, of an absent father and his wayward son, and of a family torn apart by addiction.

We Deserve the Right! Full movie page. We deserve the right full movie song. We deserve the right full movie free. We Deserve the Right! Full movie page imdb. We deserve the right full movie video. FULL CAST AND CREW | TRIVIA | USER REVIEWS | IMDbPro | MORE 32min Short, Comedy 17:58 | Trailer 1 VIDEO Alex, the only male at Sanguinity Inc., struggles to be treated equally in a woman's world. Director: Jesi Kinnevan Writers: Lowe Cunningham (story) (as Lowe Taylor), Jesi Kinnevan (screenplay & story) | 1 more credit  » Stars: Jennifer Holloway, Alex Enriquez, Lowe Cunningham | See full cast & crew  » View production, box office, & company info Which Celebrity Does Jeff Probst Want on "Survivor"? Host and executive producer Jeff Probst thinks this celebrity would make the perfect " Survivor " contestant. Watch now Around The Web  |  Powered by ZergNet Related Items Search for " Because You Deserve It " on Videos See all 1 video » Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Cast overview: Jennifer Holloway... Virginia Alex Enriquez... Alex Lowe Cunningham... April (as Lowe Taylor) Mallette Lamy... Katherine Sara Hackney... Rebecca Pin Young... Adrianne Jesi Kinnevan... Stef Courtney Day... Melanie Meagen Kinnevan... Linda See full cast  » Storyline Plot Summary Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: women satire | See All (2)  » Genres: Short   | Parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents  » Details Country: USA Language: English Filming Locations: Irvine, California, USA Company Credits Production Co: Minscoth Productions See more  » Show more on IMDbPro  » Technical Specs Runtime: 32 min Color: Color See full technical specs  » Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. User Reviews Review this title  » Getting Started Contributor Zone  » Contribute to This Page Free Movies and TV Shows You Can Watch Now On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free! Lawrence of Arabia WarGames The Graduate The Ring Seven Years in Tibet Browse free movies and TV series.

#1 Source: Alien (1979), an American science fiction movie. Nostromo is a commercial freighter. Two crew members, Parker and Brett, raise the question about wages. Parker: Uh, before we dock, I think we ought to discuss the bonus situation. Brett and I think we deserve full shares, right baby? Brett: Right. You see, Mr. Parker and I feel that the bonus situation has never been on an equitable level. You can read the rest of the dialogue here: Quotes from "Alien" Could you tell me what "full shares" mean here please? They seem to be asking for some kind of bonus; what do "full shares" have to do with it? EDIT: Replaced the link. Last edited: Mar 17, 2018 #2 There is already a bonus system in place (else the conversation would not make sense), with a total amount divided into "shares". It seems the standard entitlement here is one share; officers probably get more than one share, and quite likely the number of shares increases with rank. People in lower ranks or with less service get part-shares, and Parker and Brett fall into this category. #3 Thank you, Uncle. It's still not entirely clear to me, though. Brett and Parker say this later (they are on the lower decks now). Parker: You ever notice how they never come down here? I mean, this is where the work is, right? Brett: The same damn reason we get a half share to their one. So there's probably no total amount which is divided between several people or into parts. Do they misuse the word share? #4 No, this supports my earlier post. Suppose the total bonus is $400, 000 and there are 400 shares, each share would get $1000. These two, with their half shares, only get $500 each. If they got whole shares instead, they wouldn't quite get $1000 as there would now be 401 shares. Everyone else would get a little less. Bonus shares don't have to be divided like this; if you read about nineteenth century sailors, shares are usually expressed as a fraction of the whole. In Moby Dick, for instance, the narrator Ishmael is eventually offered a 1/300 share (the initial offer was 1/777). In this case, if a person's share is increased then no one else is affected apart from the person (the captain or the owners) who gets the residue, although of course whoever decides on each person's share must make sure they don't add up to more than one. The British Royal Navy had a different system again for dividing prize money, also involving fractions, so the senior warrant officers, for instance, got one eighth of the total to share between them equally; if there were ten of them they each would get 1/80 of the total; if there were fifteen them they'd get 1/120 of the total each. #5 Thank you very much, Uncle Jack, for your explanation, as well as the other examples.

We Deserve the Right! (2011) (movie): » Discover the latest Discussions, Reviews, Quotes, Theories, Explanations and Analysis of We Deserve the Right! (2011) below Cast: Nicole Axelrod (Spokesperson / Host), Ari Armstead, Shaheen Bagheri, Karyn Ballard, Madison Grace Ballard WATCH NOW GET DVD
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Most zombie-themed shows, films, and graphic novels feature a strong, tortured male lead who saves the day, experiences heartache, and has a female sidekick who just also happens to be an insanely hot zombie-killing machine (or, at the very least, a perfectly coiffed tomboy). (One outlier: Sarah Polley in Zack Snyder's tolerable Dawn of the Dead remake, but that was really an ensemble effort. ) Seldom, if ever, does one find a zombie film featuring a lady who is the leader of the plotline. But that's not the case in Netflix's new horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore. Created by Victor Fresco (the same dude that created the oft-forgotten Better Off Ted), Barrymore plays Sheila, a successful realtor whose idyllic life with her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) in Santa Clarita, California is torn apart when she wakes up one day to discover that she cannot feel her heartbeat and vomits copious amounts. We quickly learn that Sheila has died—but she is also living, and is now a zombie who must eat people to satiate her hunger. Eerie hilarity obviously ensues. If you've been a human on the planet over the past year, you've probably noticed that feminist ideology and the role women play in society have been hot topics, what with the government legislating our bodies and the President boasting about grabbing us when and wherever he pleases. You can stop with the eye rolls; I know I turned an article about zombies into a political thing, but I'm just following the time-honored tradition of the genre, which uses the undead as a framework for examining a variety of social issues. So hear me out: Santa Clarita Diet is a big deal for the zombie genre. It completely changes the perspective of how zombie stories can be told. Specific instances within the series blatantly separate it from the typical tropes of the zombie genre. For starters, it has a diverse cast and rarely relies on racial or gender stereotypes to bring jokes or plot twists. Sheila and Joe's neighbors, for example, are an interracial couple and multidimensional characters that aren't reduced to their race. Santa Clarita Diet is a series cares less about identity politics and more about letting its characters exist as real people in an albeit absurd, zombie-loaded scenario. Netflix Sheila is not a barely dressed young woman fighting alongside a heroic man, but rather a nuanced middle-aged mom with a relatable job who likes to walk with her friends and hang with her family. When has there been a better time in America, when women are fighting for their rights in a variety of ways, for a show like this to glorify a pretty average woman while working within a genre that seldom does so? If you look at any major zombie franchise that has hit the western markets over the years, there has yet to be one that truly revolves around a female protagonist; usually, she's a badass sidekick, or a love interest. Think about it: Shaun of the Dead, 28 Months Later, The Walking Dead, and Zombieland all follow that setup. This makes for recycled storylines turning a fun yet terrifying genre into an ultimately boring one. This makes the storyline of Santa Clarita Diet and the character of Sheila—who, by being a zombie protagonist, is already a subversion of the genre—such a breath of fresh air. Santa Clarita Diet also openly embraces feminist themes by empowering its protagonist, allowing her to stand up against predators as well as depict her as sexually assertive. There are no images of a naked Sheila aggressively tackling any man of her choosing. The moment Sheila gains her zombie powers, however, she instructs her husband to go down on her—yet it's not in-your-face or graphic, but rather sweet. It cleverly shows the intimacy between a middle aged married couple without shaming or glorifying a woman for getting the sex she wants. Perhaps one of the greatest differences between Santa Clarita Diet and all zombie genre is that there is no idea of "the other". Usually, zombies are a threat to everyone, and have names like walkers, biters—you get the point. Yet in Santa Clarita Diet, Sheila is not treated as an outsider. Sheila's head will not be stomped in; rather, her family treats her zombie diagnosis like a serious ailment. It's almost as if Sheila has a rare case of cancer, and her family lovingly rallies around her, instead of fearing her mere existence. Despite the fact that this show is marketed as a quirky comedy, the gruesome gore of Barrymore murdering and then consuming people definitely puts this into the horror genre. The absurdity of this show is a welcome—albeit kitschy—take on what is woefully played for serious shock and disgust. When the fabric of our nation is seemingly pulling apart at the seams and it feels like we're about to enter a zombie apocalypse ourselves, it is nice to see a TV show come out that shows a woman leading and living her best life, having friends of all backgrounds, and having a family that loves her—even though she is a zombie. Can it be possible for a modern woman to have it all—the loving husband, the adorable family, the career, the all-consuming desire for human flesh? Santa Clarita Diet suggests it is, and it's about time.
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We Deserve the Right! Full. We Deserve the Right! Full movie. We deserve the right full movie watch. YouTube
https://cleanuri.com/5mwWYd We deserve the right full movie hd. Visit Do the Right Thing is a 1989 American comedy-drama film produced, written, and directed by Spike Lee, who also played the part of Mookie in the film. Other members of the cast include Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Richard Edson, Giancarlo Esposito, Bill Nunn, John Turturro, and Samuel L. Jackson. It is also notably the feature film debut of both Martin Lawrence and Rosie Perez. The movie tells the story of a Brooklyn neighborhood's simmering racial tension, which comes to a head and culminates in tragedy on the hottest day of summer.

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We deserve the right full movie hindi. “Let’s cut to the chase, ” insisted  Donald Trump. “Yes, I am considering a run for the presidency of the United States. ” Trump didn’t write those words three months ago. He wrote them 15 years ago. In 2000, Trump was toying with the idea of seeking the Reform Party nomination for president. Encouraged by people like then-Minnesota governor and former professional wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Trump teased the idea in the media for a while, but abandoned the effort to Pat Buchanan, whose biggest contribution to the 2000 race was accidentally receiving the votes of a handful of elderly Jews in Florida thanks to a confusingly designed ballot. The most interesting thing to come out of Trump’s dalliance with dreams of the Oval Office was a book entitled The America We Deserve. Written with the help of author Dave Shiflett, it’s a 304-page compendium of policy proposals for a theoretical Trump administration. With Trump’s current place atop the pile of GOP  2016 candidates, it’s worth going back and looking at exactly what he advocated for a decade and a half ago. While the book is packed with stream-of-consciousness self-aggrandizement, self-mythologizing, and a nearly chapter-long appreciation of  Oprah, it’s also the most complete record that exists of the intellectual and policy foundations of the Republican party’s current standard bearer. It’s important to note that this book was written in 2000. There was no financial crisis, no 9/11, no second Iraq War, no Obama Administration. Not everything he wrote about is still entirely relevant, nor necessarily representative of his positions today; however, most of the major issues haven’t changes in the past 15 years. Washington is still arguing over tax cuts, China, and the solvency of Social Security. This is what Trump thinks America should do: Vice Trump writes that he is completely straight-edge, and has been for his entire life. I’ve never taken drugs of any kind, never had a glass of alcohol. Never had a cigarette, never had a cup of coffee…I’ve never had a drink in my life because of my older brother Fred Jr. ’s trouble with alcohol. He was handsome, brilliant, the nicest guy in the world. But he got into alcohol and it destroyed his life. He advocates making alcohol producers directly liable for the negative effects their products have on the lives of people who abuse them, such as alcoholics and those killed by drunk drivers. For a country that has such an excess of regulation…it’s interesting that we often don’t regulate the right businesses. Think about whiskey. I don’t know why everyone’s suing tobacco companies—though they’re terrible—and leaving alcohol companies alone…You have terrible auto accidents because of alcohol, thousands killed. Taxing alcohol companies isn’t enough; I’d like to see them forced to take responsibility. Education Trump argues the biggest problem with the American educational system is its focus on students’ emotional states. The people running our public schools, like people at the upper echelons of a lot of segments in our society, don’t want to damage a student’s self-esteem. They’re concerned about ’empowerment. ’ They’re worried kids will feel bad if they get a problem wrong or flunk a spelling test. It’s better, these people think, to pat a kid on the head and praise his ‘creative spelling’ than point out that there is a traditional name of people with poor spelling skills. We call them illiterates. He also points the finger at teachers’ unions, insisting they’re the major force blocking “school choice” programs that would give public school parents more flexibility in where their kids go to school and increase the quality of schools across the board through greater competition. The Brotherhood of Blackboard Workers wants to keep the door closed to competition. That way they can run things as they choose, without review. And we’ve got to bring on the competition—open the school-house doors and let parents choose the best school for their children. Education reformers call this school choice, charter schools, vouchers, even opportunity scholarships. I call it competition—the American way. Crime Among the current crop of 2016 Republican candidates, Trump stands out as  having the toughest rhetoric on crime. While many of Trump’s primary opponents like Kentucky Senator  Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor  Chris Christie have called for major criminal justice reforms and labeled the mass incarceration triggered by the War on Drugs a failure, Trump has consistently advocated in favor of law-and-order crime policies that effectively ignore the rights of offenders. Unless we stand up for tough anti-crime policies, they will be replaced by policies that emphasize criminals’ rights over those of ordinary citizens…We need to establish a zero-tolerance policy toward anyone who is getting in the way of the safer America we deserve…It’s time for the real underdogs—you and me—to get up on our hind legs. We must be the perpetrators in a movement to reclaim our streets and neighborhoods, to be able to breathe freely, knowing our kids are safe. Arguing that much of the threat from crime was based on demographic trends, Trump predicted, inaccurately, that crime rates would spike in the 2000s. What government and the press don’t like to say is that most serious crime experts believe rates will skyrocket in 2000 because there will be more adolescent boys around, and adolescent boys are especially dangerous. He also asserted that the United States— which accounts for 5 percent of the world’s population and a quarter of its prisoners —isn’t jailing enough criminals. For the most part, you have to be a longstanding criminal to qualify for jail…America doesn’t use prisons much more than any other civilized nation…The next time you hear someone saying there are too many people in prison, ask them how many thugs they’re willing to relocate to their neighborhood. The answer: none. Trump argued strongly in favor of the death penalty for convicted murderers, charging that for those who have committed the most heinous crimes, prisons have far too many amenities. I totally reject the idea that hanging these sorts of criminals [like the ones who dragged James Byrd Jr. to death] is uncivilized. They’ve taken an innocent life, so they should have to give theirs in return. That’s the very least they can do. They don’t deserve to be put into a prison where they can spend their time working out, reading, watching television, earning advanced degrees, filing bogus lawsuits, and ever getting married. For this type of person, prison is a social promotion…I don’t care if the victim is a CEO or a floor sweeper. A life is a life, and if you criminally take an innocent life you’d better be prepared to forfeit your own. Linking criminality to the parenting of low-income families, Trump argued for putting more strings on governmental assistance programs. We can start by making it clear to teenage mothers that they aren’t going to get public assistance unless they jump through some pretty small hoops. Some people suggest making them live in group homes or live under some kind of adult supervision. That makes sense. Guns Trump is in favor of some moderate restrictions on access to firearms. I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. Foreign policy The core of Trump’s foreign policy program is that the United States has been far too willing to make diplomatic concessions. A more bellicose foreign policy across the board, he argued, would help the United States achieve more of its international goals. Americans look into the mirror and see big-hearted citizens of the world’s only superpower. We’ve got a lot to brag about. We protect other nations when they’re in trouble. We lead the world in foreign aid. We’re everyone’s favorite trading partner, we take in refugees and immigrants at a million or so a year, we bail out insolvent governments and prop up weak ones, we mediate intractable disputes. We have standing armies and jet fighter squadrons and fleets the world over—we do it all. A lot of the time we don’t even bother to send a bill. This generosity leads to very poor dealmaking. An example is nuclear nonproliferation, which he largely discounts as a waste of time that runs counter to America’s strategic interests. Even during the Cold War, our diplomats were constantly falling over themselves to make goodwill offerings at the bargaining table, as if the problem were to convince our adversaries of our pure and noble intentions. We’re flirting with the same kind of mistake now in debating the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. All the major powers may sign such a treaty, but no one will obey it. I oppose such agreements for the same reason I oppose gun controls—when weapons are banned, only the outlaws have them. Much of the chapter about foreign policy is devoted to China, which Trump viewed as America’s chief international rival. He argued against cutting trade deals with China and charged that the country’s poor human rights record should be a warning sign for dealing with the Chinese government in any capacity, regardless of the potential economic benefits stemming for increased trans-Pacific trade. Where I break rank with many business colleagues, and foreign-policy gurus, is in my unwillingness to shrug off the mistreatment of China’s citizens by their own government. My reason is simple: These oppressive policies make it clear that China’s current government has contempt for our way of life. It fears freedom because it knows its survival depends on oppression. It does not respect individual rights. It is still, at heart, a collectivist society. As such, it is a destabilizing force in the world, and should be viewed that way…[We should] identify China for what it is: a growing military threat abroad and an oppressive regime at home. Let’s not pretend we’re dealing with anything less. When it comes to the unpredictable regime leading North Korea, Trump argued for taking a more aggressive stance—doing whatever necessary to prevent the country from obtaining nuclear weapons, even going as far as a preemptive military strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities. What would I do in North Korea? Fair question. It’s easy to point out the problem, but what should be done to solve it? Am I ready to bomb this reactor? You’re damned right. …As an experienced negotiator, I can tell you that negotiation with these madmen will be fruitless once they have the ability to lob a nuclear missile into Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York. I don’t advocate thermonuclear war, but if negotiations fail, I advocate a surgical strike against these outlaws before they pose a real threat. Attacking North Korea, he asserted, would have far-reaching benefits for America’s image across the globe. A surgical strike would not only put out the fire in North Korea, but it would also send a message around the world that the United States is going to eliminate any serious threat to its security, and do so without apology. Trump called for taking a similarly active role against the Castro regime in Cuba and against any sort of normalization of relations with the Communist nation. The first time Castro leaves Cuba for any nation that we have extradition treaties with, he should be detained, arrested, and extradited to the United States for indictment and trial on charges of murder and terrorism…Fidel is a criminal. Let’s treat him like one. Even so, the Trump doctrine reserves military intervention exclusively for situations where the United States has a clearly defined, tightly-drawn strategic interest. Goals, like stopping an ongoing genocide, he asserts, don’t clear the bar for the deployment of U. S. military power. Humanitarian concerns, which are sometimes represented as working in our ‘national interest, ’ are not good enough reasons in themselves for deployment of forces…We have no business, and certainly no right, to intervene in conflicts just because we don’t like to see innocent people being killed or dislocated. Immigration The central plank of Trump’s 2016 campaign has been a nativist opposition to immigration—both  legal and undocumented. His stance remains largely unchanged from 2000. Immigrant advocacy groups have no business rising up in protest, demanding special rights, services and privileges. We can’t allow ourselves to welcome outsiders out of kindness. If people enter this country by disregarding our laws, can we be confident that they will suddenly become law-abiding citizens once they arrive? …Let’s be extremely careful not to admit more people than we can absorb. It comes down to this: We must take care of our own people first. Trade Citing his own extensive history negotiating business deals, Trump pledged to personally take the lead on all trade negotiations. What I would do if elected president would be to appoint myself U. Trade Representative; my lawyers have checked and the president has this authority…Our trading partners would have to sit across the table from Donald Trump and I guarantee you the rip-off of the United States would end. Terrorism Writing a year before the 9/11 attacks, Trump spends much of the book stoking fears about potential terrorists attacks. While he paints the motivations of terrorists with the same “they hate our freedom” brush that President George W. Bush would use shortly thereafter, he also pointed to blowback from America’s military adventurism abroad as a cause of anti-American sentiment. The number of potential attackers grows every day. Our various military adventures—some of which are justified, some not—create new legions of people who would like to avenge the deaths of family members or fellow citizens. It is one cost of peacekeeping we should keep in mind. Trump’s solution for fighting terrorists was a vast expansion of the size and scope of the intelligence community. To pay for that, Trump proposed a novel idea. I bet if I started a national-defense lottery, with money earmarked for preventing terrorism against U. cities, we would take in enough money to hire and train every spy on Earth and still have enough money to spare. Imagine this for a second: The (Trump) National Security Lottery would sell tickets just like in a Powerball Lottery, but dedicate every cent to funding an anti-terrorism campaign. Talk about a good reason to buy a lottery ticket. Taxes Of everything he covers in the book, Trump goes into the most detail with his proposal to reform the tax system, which he asserts would spark a “35-40 percent boost in economic activity. ” The core of Trump’s tax plan is a immediate transfer of wealth from the very rich to the middle class. I would impose a one-time 14. 25 percent tax on individuals and trusts with a net worth over $10 million…That would raise $5. 7 trillion in new revenue, which would we use to pay off the national debt… would save $200 billion in interest payments, which would allow us to cut taxes on middle-class working families by $100 billion a year. He would take the rest of the money generated from the tax on the wealthy and inject it into the Social Security Trust Fund. Trump’s plan also involves having the federal government cease issuing bonds. When we pay off the national debt, we would retire all government bonds. People would be able to invest in free enterprise instead of investing in government. While Trump’s plan would hit the very rich hard up front, and he says he would personally lose $700 million if it were enacted, the extremely wealthy would see significant benefits later on by scrapping both the inheritance tax and the tax on capital gains, although he framed the latter as primarily aimed at helping the middle class. My proposal would also allow us to entirely repeal the 55 percent federal inheritance tax, which hurts farmers, small businessmen, and women most…We have a tax system that punishes the middle class for wanting to join the investment class. First we pay taxes when we earn money. Then we pay again when the money is invested and we make capital gain. Social Security When it comes to Social Security, Trump is particularly scathing, calling it a “a huge Ponzi scheme” that’s soon to fall apart. His fix: privatization. The solution to the Great Social Security Crisis couldn’t be more obvious: Allow every American to dedicate some portion of their payroll taxes to a personal Social Security account that they would own and invest in stocks and bonds. Federal guidelines could make sure that your money is diversified, that it is invested in sound mutual funds or bond funds, and not in emu ranches. Heathcare “I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one, ” Trump insists. “We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by health-care expenses. ” That assessment is largely accurate. While Trump pushes the unfettered free market as a solution for most problems, he was open to more government-intermediated solutions when it comes to healthcare—including giving serious consideration to a Canadian-style single-payer model. However, his first goal in reforming American healthcare is to decouple it from employment. We need a change in the tax code that would give groups and individuals tax breaks for health insurance that are equivalent to those that corporations now receive. This would allow ordinary citizens to buy coverage that compliments their company policy and gives them more of what they need. It would also give them the option to jettison the company policy altogether and just buy their own insurance. He would combine that with giving families refundable tax credits to cover the cost of insurance plans based on their household income. He also proposed something that looks a lot like the government-run exchanges that sit at the heart of the Affordable Care Act. Some analysts are pushing the idea of health marts, which would treat private-sector employees much like public-sector people. Health marts would create a group of approved plans for employees or independents to select from. This would give them control over their health care decisions. Campaign finance Trump asserted the dissatisfaction most Americans feel with their political system stems from how campaigns are financed, leading politics to become too beholden to the interests of their largest and most active donors. However, he doesn’t like proposals that would directly limit donations or create a public financing system for campaigns. Political contributors don’t corrupt the system by giving too much. They corrupt the system by being able to act in secret …The way to fix American politics is not to limit donations but to make sure that those donations and the donor are on the public record…Financing campaigns purely through public funding—that is with tax money. This is wrong for a couple of reasons. As the Founders pointed out, there is one word to describe the act of forcing citizens to support a person or cause they reject: tyranny. Instead, he advocated for banning soft money donations—a relic of the pre- Citizens United era that allowed donors to give an unlimited amount of money to campaigns, which would then be funneled to individual candidates—as well as eliminating all donation limits and expanding disclosure requirements. I believe that Americans should know immediately who is giving what to whom. If we have full participation, we should also have full and fast disclosure…You can learn a lot more about a politician from knowing who put the money in his pocket than you can learn from what he or she might happen to chirp from a podium…We should pass legislation that would require campaigns to electronically post donors and donations at the close of each business day. Disclosure only functions as an effective check on lawmakers if the public is consistently aware of the donation information those disclosures contain. On that front, Trump has a particularly entertaining suggestion. What I would add…would be a running line at the bottom of the [TV news] screen listing the day’s, or perhaps the week’s, donations—like the stock ticker that runs at the bottom of financial network telecasts…Imagine, for example, Al Gore delivering a wimpy speech on movie violence as the ticker pointed out the big lump of Hollywood gold that had dropped in his pocket that afternoon. When it comes to his own personal fundraising, Trump made a number of pledges, including entirely self-financing his campaign. If I ran for the nomination I would refuse federal matching funds. If I were nominated I would accept federal funds. I would refuse to grovel for campaign cash from any special interest. I would spend from my own funds whatever it took to win. His own seriousness as a candidate Trump seemed to have a pretty good idea of how his candidacy would be treated by the media. Let’s face it, if I run it will be a boon to the political cartoonists and late-night talk-show hosts. But I can take it. Illustration by Max Fleishman.

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I want to give a shoutout to all Asian lesbians, especially the ones who had to grow up not knowing it was possible to like girls, since the mere mention of homosexuality was or still is taboo in our cultures. I want to give a shoutout to Asian lesbians who are butch or gender non-conforming. Asian women, especially East and Southeast Asians, are portrayed in media as being feminine and submissive, making those of us who do not conform to these stereotypes feel alienated from the porcelain dolls society wants us to be. I want to give a shoutout to Asian lesbians who still live in Asia. I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I can legally marry a woman I love, and where there are laws in place protecting me from homophobia. Taiwan is going to be the first country in Asia allowing for same sex marriage this year, but that monumental ruling that is going to pave the way for LGBTQ+ rights in Asia was almost thwarted by a referendum in November 2018, when the majority of Taiwan’s voters decided that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Fortunately, the Taiwanese government is still going to follow through with allowing same sex marriage before March of 2019, but the majority of countries in Asia still do not have protections in place for us. In some countries, merely expressing our love for other women could lead to our arrests or even deaths. Asian lesbians do not deserve to be shunned by our families, and god forbid be arrested or killed. We deserve representation, we deserve to be accepted, and we deserve rights. If you’re an out lesbian living in Asia, I want you to know that I am in awe of your bravery. Women matter on their own, not in relation to a man. We all deserve the right to bodily autonomy and to be treated with respect and dignity. To say  stop and be heard, instead of pushed, derided, and told that a man knows more about our basic rights and desires than we do. Women are not made whole by men. Women are made whole the moment they enter this world. Not to be dramatic but Sara becoming the leader of the Arrowverse post-Oliver is the gay rights we deserved you suffer, because it’s what you deserve. we ALL only get what we deserve. isn’t that right, AMETHYST? Anne stood up for a person who suffered a cruelty. That person could’ve easily been you. “Women matter on their own, not in relation to a man. ” Whom here disagrees? “We all deserve the right to bodily autonomy and to be treated with respect and dignity. To say ‘stop’ and be heard; instead of pushed, derided, and told that a man knows more about our basic rights and desires than we do. ” - ANNE WITH AN E, 3. 07 | A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good Yeah, I know it makes you nervous But I promise you, it’s worth it To show ‘em everything you kept inside Don’t hide, don’t hide. Alejandro and Joana looking at Nora and Cris like they’re their whole entire world is what we deserve right now did she really say “we deserve equal rights under the law”????????? so what you’re saying is you’re gonna give us the willel sibling bonding we deserve in s4 right 🥺 “Women matter on their own, not in relation to a man. To say ‘stop’ and be heard instead of pushed, derided and told that a man knows more about our basic rights and desires than we do. Women are made whole the moment they enter this world. ” Anne with an E breezykpop  asked: Hey can I request a reader insecure about stretch marks all over her belly cause H is always dating models. Thx Models deserve rights. Non-models also deserve rights. We’re all fabulous. Also, my thighs, butt and a section of my left boob are covered in stretch marks and I’m in love with every single one of them. As should you be in love with yours. 4 blurbs in one day? Who is this new Jay? *** Blowing out a breath, you opened the cabin door and stepped onto the back porch, wearing your oversized t-shirt which covered your bikini. Harry beamed at you from the pool. His wet hair was pushed back from his face and his eyes sparkled a mossy green due to the sun shining in his face. It didn’t seem to faze him as the only thing he was focused on was you. “Finally decided to join me, ” he grinned cheekily as he swam to the edge of the pool, extending a hand in an inviting gesture. “Come on, now, I don’t bite. ” You bit your lip as you slowly walked towards him. It was the first time he’s seeing you with barely any clothes on and all you wanted to do was curl up in a ball and bury yourself ten feet underground. “Almost there, ” he teased you. He seemed to find your reluctance to get into the pool quite amusing. If only he knew why. His happiness went tenfold as you got close enough to sit on the edge of the pool. He treaded towards you, each one of his hands on your thighs as he puckered his lips, asking for a kiss in which you complied. “You finally joining me? ” He asked. You were more than appreciative of the way his eyes roamed over your legs, lust clouding his features before his gaze made its way back to yours. Wordlessly, you started to lower your body into the water when Harry’s hand on your waist stopped you. “Aren’t you forgetting to take your shirt off? ” You looked away, embarrassed. “No, ” you said quietly. Harry leaned up to give you a peck on your cheek. “Alright then, love. ” He helped you into the water the rest of the way and as soon as you were completely submerged save for your head, he refused to let go of you and encouraged your legs to wrap around him. Me hummed against your lips as he gave you small kisses, one teasing after another. “Love the way you feel against me. ” “Harry—” “You’re sexy as hell, ” he continued. “I can’t believe you don’t see that. ” The early signs of tears burned your eyes as you tried to hold in your emotions. “That’s enough. ” “No. ” He pulled his head back to have a good look of your face. You didn’t like it when he frowned. “You are so beautiful, the whole world sees it. ” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to yours to shut him up. But that didn’t stop him from slipping in words of praise and love in between each kiss. Something about him started to help with your confidence. When you’re with him, you realized there’s nothing to hide and he’ll love you no matter what you look like. He’s just trying to make you love yourself, he’s showing you that nobody’s love is worth more than your self love. After a while of just making out, you realized you owed it to him to let him witness the first step of your self acceptance. You pulled away from him completely, thankful the pool was shallow enough for you to stand comfortably on your feet. Your hands briefly fumbled with your t-shirt but it didn’t take long for you to muster up the courage to pull it over your head. Harry gasped as he took in the red bikini you had donned as you shyly dropped the shirt on the ledge of the pool. “So beautiful, ” Harry murmured as he approached you once again. You could feel your face turning red and your arms subconsciously went to cover your belly where white marks stretched along the skin but Harry’s hands immediately halted their movement. “Stop that. ” He looked at those marks with adoration for a little bit before his eyes met yours. You gasped at the look on his face. You’d think he was looking at a Monet piece. Your knew right then that if you gave this man your heart and soul, he would do the very best he can to cherish and protect them. We all deserve to be right with God, and I truly, honestly think that loving a man like that can help you get there. From @warriorgays  beautiful story ‘Our War’ x 6. 16 Rokuya Nagi Source: Rokuya Nagi | Summer Memories [rabbit chats] when nagi was experiencing summer heat fatigue, yamato made polar bear shaved ice topped with condensed milk for him. anonymous  asked: kenny's mom said gay rights! Kenny’s mom is the lgbt+ ally we don’t deserve long post ahead, but we can’t go back now… As many of you know, I rarely give personal opinions on really serious issues. Like I reblog the content, but I like to keep most of personal posts very light-hearted. But there comes a point where I have to speak out for what I believe in. I’m not the kind of person who pops out from behind a wall while shouting, “Racists, you’re all racists!!! ”, because honestly, sometimes it might be unintentional and you might not know some content is racist in nature. I’ve seen many posts floating around saying people are being “unnecessarily salty” or that people are starting discourse for no reason whatsoever. But have any of you considered that there are people in the fandom who have decided to speak out for a reason? What I see is that many fans of colour have had enough of being in the backseat of fandom conversations. When we see things that are problematic, and if we are uncomfortable about it, it’s most likely that we would speak out. Like many of us felt that enough is enough, and we decided that any backlash would be worth it if we can educate someone else with our posts. With such a diverse cast of characters, everyone should expect there to have a diverse fandom. And with a diverse fandom filled with different nationalities, we should all be respectful of one another. Many people say that, but I also see many of people just treating outspoken fans of colour like pests and nuisances, despite them having proof or legit arguments. Shutting down and laughing off our arguments, like it’s some sort of childish tantrum is inherently racist.  I cannot stand that, and as a fan, we all have a space in this fandom. We’re the fans of the exact same thing, and I think we deserve the right to speak our mind. Like if you can ramble on and on about subjects that might seem odd to some, I think we have the right to speak?  Then some of you might say, “Oh my gosh Yun, why are you so whiny?? How about creating more content for the characters you like and leave us alone!!!!! Or just leave the fandom!! ” Like…. I do create content for the characters I adore, have you seen my omgcp icon collection? Have you seen some of my graphics? Have you seen that I only write about Chowder? And have you seen my URL? I try my best to maintain my reputation as one of the top Chowder fans out there. And also why should I leave the fandom just because some of you are uncomfortable about talking about serious topics?  If you don’t like talking about lack of representation and try to shut down the fans of colour, you can also be the bigger person and leave. Find a fandom that suits your needs!! There are definitely some out there that will cater to your needs. “Oh no Yun, this whole entire rant was kinda negative and uncomfortable! ” Well, good, that was what I was aiming for! But I’m not planning on leaving it off like this. So as a fandom, where can we go from here?  Keep reading anonymous  asked: she said “we” our gowns… her midnights… we deserve equal rights under the law… So thrilled Australia voted YES to same-sex marriage.  So sad that it was only a 61% majority. Aromanticism doesn’t make you heartless. Aromanticism doesn’t mean you’re broken. Aromanticism doesn’t make you a freak. Aromantics deserve to be seen, to be heard. We deserve a right to exist. Unapologetically.

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