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I had almost forgotten about this movie until I happened upon it while on here. I discovered this movie on TV one night and loved this cute little film. Very funny, charming, creative, touching, great storyline and good acting all around. Unfortunately it appears that it didn't get the publicity and release that it deserved. As others have already said on here, find it if you can, because it is well worth it. Malcolm x speeches. Malcolm black disease. Supercharge your user experience Deliver your knowledge, expertise & process 24/7/365 Plug into the best tools & apps How it works Let Malcolm! take the strain when you service, interact & engage with your users. Define who your users are. Identify your recurring tasks, procedures & the questions you are frequently asked. Teach Malcolm! to handle those things. Set up your rules, automations & integrations. Choose how to implement Malcolm! - we've lots of options! Sit back & relax! The benefits of using Malcolm! Change your business or organisation for the better right now! All user types Works with customers, staff, suppliers, students, residents, brokers, affiliates, patrons.... you name it! Save time Let your users self service 24/7/365. Automate your processes. Drive operational efficiency Scale what you do with no people related bottlenecks. Improve user experience Gain a competitive edge with happy users & inbuilt user feedback. Bring everything together Easily plug into other systems and tools you use. Track & manage Our dashboard & control panel gives you oversight of all user activity. Connect Malcolm! to your favourite apps and services Integrations allow you to route data you collect in Malcolm! into third party services or to your own in-house systems using web hooks. We also offer full API access for enterprise users. Don't just take our word for it All over the world businesses large and small love Malcolm! Faster, better easier services Malcolm! is easy to set up and is both flexible and powerful. We use it in several areas of our business and have also incorporated it into services we offer to our clients. The time saving and efficiency gains have been substantial. Very happy! Never looked back We built an entire new proposition - GroupFun - on Malcolm!. It took hours rather than months. As well as looking great the system automates many of our incoming customer/guest processes. This has saved us so much time. We are beyond happy with the product and the ongoing support we receive from the Malcolm! team. Try Malcolm! now Free 14 days trial Instant set-up No credit card required Cancel anytime Value pricing.

Malcolm mclaren. Malcolm young. I love this film,if not for the sheer locations are great as are the characters,i.e the key role of Malcolm,played with sheer professionalism by Colin funniest moments I think,revolve around Malcolm`s lcolm himself is possibly autistic,as I can`t remember if it`s said in the film,but as we know,autistic people make up for their lack of social skills admirably and in Malcolm`s case,his gift is in all things scene that make me burst out laughing the most was the actual robbery where normal everyday bins are used for a purpose their designers could`nt have thought of in a million years! Also the music used by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra is a work of art,as it appears to be tailor made as the scene ends up looking like a ballet,when the music pauses so does the hat is doffed to the creators of such a heartwarming film,and seeing as Australian humour is very much on a par with British humour,I had no trouble "getting it. Overall,a fantastic film that should be shown every Christmas,as further generation will enjoy it aswell for years to come.I know I will.

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A brilliant low budget off beat Australian comedy that is well worth tracking down. Easy to watch and light hearted. It is rare that I go out of my way to recommend a film but this one is worth it. It contains one of the most amusing bank robberies portrayed in a film. The getaway sequence has to be seen to be believed. The soundtrack is provided by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Watch it if you can. A friend managed to catch it on TV many years ago and taped it and it is almost worn out. I have been trying to get a proper copy since then but have failed miserably. I have had to hide it to prevent anyone borrowing it again. One of these days it might be worth going to Australia just to track down a copy ( well, almost.

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